10 Best Bar Tools and Accessories

10 Best Bar Tools and Accessories

Most of the hosts of a party would be busy in managing the wine and other things required. So, if you have invited a lot of strangers who do not know each other, you need to make sure that they have something in common to talk about. Bar accessories are the basic requirement for any home party. But there are few cool bar accessories on the Internet which not only help the person at the bar but also help in sparking a conversation between strangers at a party. They act as a conversation starter besides impressing your guests. Here are some of the unique bar accessories available on the Internet.

Glass Carrier Set

The Glass Carrier set is one of the most essential bar tools and accessories which helps you carry a lot of glasses filled with tasty beverages.  They are usually recommended if you are serving drinks in separate tables instead of the bar furniture. In some instances, you might be carrying a lot of wine glasses for your guest. So, to make it easier to identify, they are brought along with a wine glass writer.

Cyclone Cocktail Mixer

Cocktail mixers are commonly found on the Internet where you will need to pour the beverages into the mixers and shake them abruptly to blend them together. The first on the list of cool and unique bar accessories is cyclone cocktail mixer. The cyclone cocktail mixer can save you the trouble of shaking the mixer in order to make a cocktail. All you need to do is pour the beverages inside the container and push a button. You will be able to see the beverages whirling up like a cyclone and blend perfectly at high speed. Besides saving a lot of time, this bar accessory also serves as a visual treat.

Wine Dispenser

Most of the guests at a party never leave the bar table until they drink gallons of wine. At such circumstances, the bartender has to effectively manage time and provide refills at lightning speeds. However, to make this process easier, wine dispensers can be used if most of your guests love wine the most. The wine dispenser equally fills 4 glasses at a time. It saves a lot of time and also reduces spillage, making it one of the most unique bar top accessories.

Map Coasters

Coasters on the bar table are usually the most ignored items on the bar table. However, you could make them more attractive by using map coasters instead of using boring plain coasters. These coasters with maps of several cities can easily surprise your guest.

Wine Decanter

Red wine is one of the most expensive wines. However, these red wines are usually filled under pressure by the manufacturer. This slightly suppresses their taste and aroma. You will experience the rich aroma of red wine only when you oxygenate the red wine. This can be done with the help of a wine decanter. There are also a lot of transparent wine decanters which help your guests to know that you are serving red wine. Pouring the red wine from the bottle into the decanter greatly enriches its taste and aroma besides being a colorful activity to watch.

Hammer Head Bottle Opener

Bottle openers are available in different shapes and the Hammer head bottle openers are the most popular bar accessories which exactly resembles a Hammer. The offer better grips and can be easily used to open the bottle caps.

Chilling Stones

Most people love to have their drinks chilled. However, adding ice cubes might dilute the drink and spoil the taste of the beverage. For such beverages, you could probably use chilled stones instead of ice cubes. These are usually known as whiskey stones. They are tasteless, odorless and do not leave a small scratch on your precious glasses.  Just throw them in the freezer for a few minutes before the party starts and drop them in the glass to provide your guests with undiluted cold beverages.

Ice Shot Glass Molds

These are the most necessary backup measures in every home party. In case you ever run out of glasses to serve, you can use the ice shot molds as a backup. They help in keeping the drinks cold without diluting them. However, your guests need to consume the drink before the ice glass starts melting.

Wine Glass Writer

A party should not just be filled with people but also with loads of fun. You need to make sure there are enough fun activities for your guests to enjoy the party. However, if you have not planned any, you might just order a wine glass writer. These are some of the fun bar accessories which could help you add some fun to the party by writing the embarrassing nicknames of your guests on their glasses. Also, this could help your guests identify the flavor of the wine poured into the glasses in case few wines look the same.

Brass Knuckle Corkscrew

Corkscrews are absolutely necessary to remove the cork on top of any wine bottle. These corkscrews are usually available in various designs and sizes. The brass knuckle corkscrew is one of the most unique bar tools and accessories. It is designed to easily open corkscrew with very less effort. However, they are also multi-functional and can be used to protect yourself in times of danger. The corkscrew is really sharp and can do some serious damage not only to the cork but also your attacker’s face.


Do you know what the best bar tools and accessories are? In this article, we’ve enlisted a part of the most useful tools for bars.


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