10 Must Have Tools for Small Businesses

10 Must Have Tools for Small Businesses

Starting a business is not an easy task. Competition gets larger and tougher every day. Thus, the business needs to get on top and remain on its standing. So, there are tools necessary for a small business enterprise to use in order to keep it sustained for a long term. Ever since the Internet started to run in, there are different business tools created to tailor the needs of small business enterprise to increase efficiency and productivity. There are a lot of tools for business that are marketed and offered in the market nowadays. Most of them will be discussed in this article.

So, what are the business management tools that every business must acquire with?


Since hiring new employees is challenging and complicated, the Goodhire tool will be a good help for starting a small business as it will conduct background checks, reference checks, employment verification, pre-hire skill test, education verification, driving records, and even drug screening! The good news is that this tool does everything in a paperless manner and you can do everything in just a few clicks on your phones where the tool is installed. Plus, you can get the result by only 24hours.

Protection from Avast

Nowadays, most of the business transactions, which include creating reports and filing data, are done with the help of computers. All of the important things needed by the organization is kept there and, of course, we don’t want those files to get viruses or to be hacked because it will surely shutdown the entire business. So, having a protection from Avast is a must. This tool offers a free and premium version of the protector which can protect all your files well. With Avast’s pthe rotection, you can get access to solid malware bloan cking, security scanning, and rescue disk functionality.

Wave’s Accounting Tool

Your workforce team needs compensation and so your expenses such as rent, utilities, and miscellaneous needs payment. Keeping your books balance is much easier with Wave’s protection tool. With this system you can have all the basic bookkeeping works done, but, of course, it will not do ALL of it. With the proper payment of this Wave tool, you can receive an accounting, reports functionality and create as well as scan the business invoices.

Zoho Desk

Zoho desk provides service team with different work modes, a customizable help centre, a knowledge base community forums and the ability to rebrand the visuals that will suit the company’s needs. The good news is that this tool comes with a free version.


Is a tool that helps answer the questions relevant to the business operations? This tool has a similarity with yahoo answers but the good point of having a Quora is that answers are given by users who are trustworthy because this tool verifies the identity and encourages them to provide information with their personal profile. Small business owners can gain lots of knowledge from this tool.

Equity Net

Are you in need of investors but having a hard time looking for one? No need to worry because Equity Net will do the thing for you! This tool offers a free crowd funding platform that will help you with your business plan. Of course, it will help you in creating your business plan as well as analyse the information in it and share it with prospect investors (as it will publish your created plan to the website for anyone to see).


Hootsuite will help you to be updated on the trends and the customer’s needs. Aside from this system is free, it has an easy to operate dashboards that will help the non-expert users of computers who own the small business organizations. With this app, you can manage many social networks, schedule your posts, and, of course, interact with your followers. You can also enjoy the privileges to track how many followers you have on each of your social accounts and recognize which posts ring the higher notification.


Human resource can be messy at many times, as it does a lot of job for the company which mostly involves about the employees of the business, to overcome the challenges that HR managers and staff are facing. A business enterprise should have a GoCo tool that integrates payroll, streamlines on boarding and off boarding employees, performs document management, time tracks, manages performance, and complies benefits administration within a paperless and less chaotic manner.


It is a virtual private network created for small businesses who are concerned with security. This tool limits the numbers of accounts who can and can’t access the network content. This is helpful in order to maintain the privacy of the business organization in their activity, involving the Internet. This tool comes with a free version. It offers reliable connection speed, excellent network security and, of course, it works on the most modern operating system which is very handy and friendly to the users. Remember, that Cyberghost is simple, easy to use and free!


This tool allows structuring and tracking tasks in the simplest manner. The tool has an ability to create different boards and cards, set due dates and notes. With the excellent services given to the users, Trello is proving to be the number one among all team and task management platform over the Internet.


Try these tools to have easier business operations. Aim for excellence in your business. This may add cost to your business, but this is helpful.


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