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10 Top Accessories Trends From Spring-Summer 2019

The spring-summer 2019 accessories fashion trends offer many pieces to choose from. Both big-ticket fashion houses and not-known designers offer to pay attention to blue tiger eye bracelet, unusual bags, shoes, and sunglasses that make your heart beat faster. Here, the best accessories of fashion week.

  1. Headbands

Heavily inspired by ‘90s headbands are the latest women’s fashion trend. Miuccia Prada was the first fashion house that showed over 50 glorious headbands. That is why the stylists tend to think that it was the first move before it became the hottest trend.

Moreover, until this year headbands were associated with youthful hairstyles. But today everything changed, and this hair accessory is more like for a mature woman. Those headbands are tiara-like in their height but edgy in their bulk.

In addition, Simone Rocha offers us absolutely new headbands. They are decorated with colorful beads, jewels, and feathers. It shows that the headbands could be glamorous and suit well for both evening dress and casual look as well.

  1. Double-bag

As you know, both Gucci and Coach have employed the double-bag trend in previous seasons. That is why women all around the world seem to be obsessed with this trend. It is obvious, as almost every modern woman come across the necessity for extra storage.

As a result, daily we see a woman with a bag full of gym kit in one hand and a micro-bag full of credit cards in the other. So, a Chanel makes it easier for women and set up a new trend. According to which the two bags affixed to a body with chains that crossed over the shoulders are women’s fashion trend nowadays.

  1. Multiple Necklaces

Jewelry layering is one more part of a bohemian theme running through the spring/ summer 2019 accessory trends. Gucci models on New York fashion week were wearing necklaces, looking like each of them came from a different exotic bazaar somewhere in the world.

So, be sure, if you wear a large necklace with massive beads or a pendant over a jewel-encrusted choker with dangling chains, then you are definitely in fashion.

  1. Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is part of the spring 2019 accessories cool trends. Adornments on the torso both over and underclothes are the latest novelty in this season as well as chain details.

Alexander McQueen collection was emphasized with thick chains wrapped over the shoulders and around the waist. Those chains come together just over the belly button with a gorgeous pendant. Such an idea also came to thought at Louis Vuitton with a spiky silver contraption worn over the shoulders.

By the way, body jewelry at Versace is made of a big variety of gorgeous chains worn below a blouse, coming down the center of the torso, and surrounding the waist. Be sure, whether those chains are under or over your cloth, the effect of body jewelry will be impressive.

  1. High Rise

First of all, the hottest news of the spring-summer accessory trends is the return of platforms and sculptural heels. They’re presented by the most famous fashion houses and come in many fantastic shapes. But do not think that there is just about the heels which get an extra lift. This season sculptural heels appear both in an artistic and seriously stylish way by adding some unexpected details to your look.

  1. Belt Bags

Belt bags have made a comeback to the cool summer fashion trends. To begin with, one should say that it is one of the main current women’s fashion trends. That is why you can easily pair bum bag with a dress or a suit as well as to you everyday cloth. What is more, it is much safer to wear it on your waist. So, you don’t have to worry that someone can steal something valued from it. Just wear it, and the bag will be always in the attention of your eyes.

  1. Baker Boy Hats

First appeared on the streets of Paris, the baker boy hats became a trend of this show season. Its’ main benefit between other head accessories is that baker boy hats add a chic touch to a variety of outfits. They are spotted in a big selection of styles. But the most popular is classic in color and shape. Besides, if you decide to add it to your wardrobe, then you should be very attentive while matching textures and tones. Be sure, it is one of the hottest trends for spring.

  1. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a timeless jewelry trend. But the delicate hoop earrings are not in trend this season. Instead of them, you will see the extreme version of hoop earrings in all kinds of sizes and with the variety of embellishments and additions. Moreover, in great popularity are colorful earrings with the geometric netting filled in the center. So, do not be afraid to experiment. Wear creative earrings and be always in the trend!

  1. Angular Frames

This summer, sunglasses looked sharper than ever before. Nowadays, the usual round and oval styles frames are old-fashioned. But the angular frames are offered in a wide assortment. From triangles and rectangles to diamonds and hexagons, this summer accessory came in a variety of shapes. Besides, the only commonality between all of those sunglasses is the straight edges, defined corners, and an utterly cool appearance. So, follow this trend, and it will be the greatest shield to your eyes this summer.

  1. Chunky Bracelets

A chunky bracelet is an indispensable accessory this season. The main benefit of it is that such a small adornment immediately draws attention with only one gesture with their hand.

At Giorgio Armani spring-summer collection 2019 is the big assortment of chunky bracelets. They are made of large, solid pieces of plastic or covered in small stones. It is the best choice for those who want to emphasize women delicate wrists.

We also saw a collection of chunky bracelets at Emporio Armani. But they are made out of one solid piece, and in solid colors, that matched the casual look. Those bracelets are clear, thick, and made of plastic. Such a futuristic design matched well with the long-sleeved tops and dresses. As a result, you will get a beautiful look to enhance your tenderness and elegance.