10 Useful Accessories to Pack During Your Cruise

must have cruise accessories

If you are old enough to embark on a cruise then there is no use going through the basics. You are obviously familiar with the very basics of a journey such as the number of underwear pieces you need because it is personal. There are many issues that the majority of travelers do not consider useful until they actually need them on the cruise ship.

Cruising is unique. It is different from traditional vacations because you are mostly out doors and mostly on move. Normal expeditions take at least a week of time. Cruises take you far away from the nearest store in isolation. It, therefore, needs extra time and many efforts to plan everything ahead in order to ensure that you are adequately equipped for whatever awaits you.

For a woman, it is going to be tougher to select the items because her priority is the public image. What to wear matters most to women and so it will be on the top of the list of priorities. There are a variety of clothes to consider from swimwear, dinner wear, workout costumes, hiking, and lounge chair wear.

To help you to have an exciting cruise with no regrets and silly mistakes, we have compiled a list of 10 useful accessories you should not forget to carry with you.

1. What to Wear

Ensure you always have comfortable shoes for walking. This will help you to prepare for long walks without sore feet. While on the port, your outfit should be as easy as possible. For example, wear shorts and a tank top as you explore the city from the port.

While on board the ship, you have a variety of activities to determine your wear. You may use workout gear for morning yoga or walks. You are likely to spend most of the rest of the time in shorts or skirts with brief tops. Other activities such as mini-golf or more extravagant one like basketball will prompt you to get your sports gear. Pack as much sporty gear as you can. Your hat, sunglasses, and kaftans will come in handy alongside your swimsuit for the time you spend by the pool deck.

You are expecting completely casual moments so take it easy of those that make you seem official.

2. Dramamine

For a first time, you might be surprised by the motion sickness syndrome of the cruise. It is among the worst disruptive feelings you can ever have. You do not expect to halt the entire ship so find ginger pills or Dramamine just in case. Even if you are used to cruises, it takes a few years and you may have developed a new condition that will expose you to the feelings of extreme nausea.

3. Business Card Inside Your Luggage Tag

Cruises are crowded with people and things, so getting lost is not a rare thing. Although the crew looks efficient and skillful, it is human enough to make mistakes and it could be your bag that is found out of place. To ease their work of finding your luggage, keep your contact stapled on the tag just in case.

4. A Carry-on Bag

Since you will not be seeing your packed bags for over six hours, it would be wise to have a spare bag. A carry-on bag comes in handy. For example, you need to get to the hot tub but with your bathing suit is tucked away in your main bag. You will miss the opportunity. Thus, everything else that you think you will need for the first half of the day should be in this carry-on bag. Convenience is key in getting organized.

5. Power Strip

You will not be expecting power outlets like you are used to the backing at home. There are few reachable outlets and competition could be high. We charge phones and other gadgets very frequently these days. For example, you might be constantly using your smart phone for updates consequently draining its charge fast hence the need for a frequent charge. Other devices include cameras, hair dryers, irons and other essential daily tools. Pack your power strip.

6. Ear Plugs

You will most likely be crowded on a cruise ship. The cruises are designed to pack as many people as possible as a way of balancing out the costs of the cruise. As a result, you may be sleeping closely next to say four strangers on either side. Noises are the norm throughout the day and night. If you need peace as you sleep, earplugs are vital. You may also be near the engine room or nightclub.

7. Carry a Jacket

A jacket is for precaution regardless of what the weather forecast predicts. There is no way the meteorologist mentioned the middle of the ocean on their bulletin because the forecast is focused on populated areas. It gets very cold and windy in the open sea. With a jacket, you will be free to enjoy the view from the deck.

8. Mark Fragile Items

Use visible marks to identify fragile items. They will receive extra care and give your items proper treatment for safety.

9. Collapsible Travel Tote

Since you will be moving about the ship all day every day during the vacation, you will be carrying stuff around with you too. They may be books, electronics, or your preferred items. You may also purchase items along the way to the port. Pack your travel tote to stay ahead of the issues arising.

10. Camera

Take a photo of your stuff. You may need the photo to easily identify it to security. A description of lost luggage will be hectic especially because most of them—and they are hundreds—may be similar.


All the above-mentioned 10 accessories will be very useful during your cruise. Just equip yourself with the most vital things to experience a smooth and care-free cruise.