Wine-Pairings for Thanksgiving

5 Best Wine-Pairings for Thanksgiving

The great thing about wine is that it can pair perfectly with Turkey on thanksgiving dinner. However, turkey is a meal full of flavor, and a complimentary pair will go a long way to add even more flavors to the meat. With preference playing a significant role in the different types of wines that family members and friends choose, consider the turkey’s preparation method. Here are five wine pairing turkey options to offer during Thanksgiving dinner. Make sure to order a perfect wine bottle right now!

 1. 90+ Cellars Lot Prosecco Brut

A great wine to drink with turkey is the 90+ Cellars Lot Prosecco Brut. The peach freshness coupled with the ginger and lilac aromas is the classic drink to end thanksgiving dinner, as it counters a smooth finish to greasy food with many flavors. The crisp citrus wine is foamy, dancing magically at the tip of the tongue, calming the nerves further while enjoying the fantastic company.

 2. Blu Prosecco Sparkling

Thanksgiving dinner is all about getting stuffed. However, the downside to that is feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Sparkling wine with hints of citrus flavors will relax the body as the citrus in it helps break down the gassy feeling. Blue Prosecco also has pear, wisteria, and peach flavors, creating the perfect fusion that dances on the palate and serving it chill will bring out all its goodness.

 3. Avion Anejo Reserva 44

When considering roast turkey wine pairing needs, dwell on making the Thanksgiving company feel irreplaceable, and it can’t get better than the Avión Reserva Extra Anejo Tequila. Each bottle is hand-signed by Avion’s founder as a seal to expect quality from each sip. The wine has the best combination of aromas from Vanilla, tres leches, toast agave, and grass left to cure and infuse for 44 months for an earthy blend.

 4. Buttercream Chardonnay

In some families, the main meal for Thanksgiving is the turkey, and any accompaniments are usually salads with a light dressing. Although the turkey can have the best gravy, having only one source of buttery flavor on Thanksgiving is never enough. Buttercream Chardonnay is the best wine pairing with turkey dinner as its butter foundation silks down the throat, making for a smooth finish that tingles the back of the throat.

 5. Domaines Ott Chateau Romasson Bandol Rosé

Turkey wine pairing options to consider are fruity types. The Domaines Ott Chateau Romasson Bandol Rosé is a pale peach wine with the ultimate fruity flavor. Bear in mind that the apricot and grapefruit content gives a sugary touch to balance a salty or greasy Thanksgiving dinner.

To narrow down the search for wine turkey pairing options for Thanksgiving, consider the alcohol content as well. The type of base and country it’s from is also vital to predict how it will taste with the turkey. Although most wines on the list taste great, the budget also plays a factor as more attention and care is on the most expensive wines on the market. Do not hesitate and place an order on the Shop Wine Society website right now.