Cruising Antarctica

5 Important Things To Know About Cruising Antarctica

A cruise to Antarctica perfectly fits adventure lovers who want to sail to an exotic wildland. The coldest and driest southernmost continent hides a lot of mysteries, so a cruise is a perfect choice to discover a not very popular but quite exciting route! Once you decide to book a cruise for this itinerary, be sure to be a trip full of adventure rather than a simple cruise. This article will introduce you to the five essential things you need to know before booking sailing to Antarctica.

What to know about sailing to Antarctica?

1. Choose the right cruise ship

Most cruise ships typically offer one or two excursions per day while guests will spend the rest of the time aboard. A ship will be a home for passengers during the whole trip. If you wonder how to choose Antarctica cruise, outline your preferred activities and amenities. Some cruises, like Hurtigruten, require extra costs for Wi-Fi and drinks, while other cruises, including Silversea, offer all-suite accommodations with drinks and Internet available for free. Different cruise ships provide saunas, spas, restaurants, fitness centers, and more aboard, so do your research on the services offered by ships to compare prices and make the right decision.

2. Be ready to add some extra vacation days

Antarctica is the place that requires an extended period for passengers to take the most. Most cruise companies offer between 7 and 10 days to visit the continent, but sailing from Ushuaia, Argentina, to the destination lasts around 48 hours. This way, you will need about 14 days for cruising to Antarctica, but believe us, it is worth it!

3. It is cheaper than you might think before

A journey to Antarctica isn’t affordable for all passengers, but you can achieve great flexibility and set off for a relatively lower price than you might expect. The average cost per person for two-week sailing fluctuates between $6,000 and $9,000, but if you can book a cruise once you arrive in Ushuaia, you can save some money. Keep in mind that booking a cruise to Antarctica at the beginning and end of the season can be cheaper compared to the high seasons, too. Take into account that the best time to cruise to Antarctica is between November and March, when the sun rises above the horizon and the temperature is not that low.

4. Pack for a trip wisely

Even though it is cold in Antarctica, you don’t need to purchase and take a lot of gear aboard. If you doubt what to pack for Antarctica cruise, then a warm fleece jacket, waterproof gloves, wool socks, a warm hat, and a pair of warm long underwear will be typically enough. At the same time, most cruise lines offer warm waterproof jackets and knee-high waterproof muck boots, so be calm that you won’t freeze up in Antarctica.

5. Enjoy your cruise

Modern cruise lines make journeys the most comfortable. However, be ready to spend your holidays actively on the unsettled land. Many exciting excursions, exotic wildlife, glaciers, and a lot of ice – all these aspects make a cruise to Antarctica worth your time and money!