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7 Steps to Creating Effective Customer Surveys

It is important to put in the high quality of online content to the top priority. That is why every website owner wants to know his customers and understand what they prefer to see in the future blog. Moreover, many are looking for the way to get people talking about it in an open and honest way as a does.

So, in this article is all the needed information for you to understand how to create a meaningful customer survey online and compose a successful invitation email to get people to participate. So, let’s started with the top 7 steps to turn up the most insightful results from your customer survey!

1. Set Your Objectives

What is the aim of your survey? No matter, whether you’re testing out a new product or want feedback about your service, you need a well-defined goal before you start selecting the customer survey questions.

First of all, before creating a customer satisfaction survey you need to ask yourself and your team how this survey data is going to help you and how to provide a better experience for the entire community. Then you need to make an assumption you expect to see from the survey and try to compose questions which will be easy for your customers to answer without being annoying. Be sure, it will provide the presence of the real search results.

2. Draft The Questions

As it is written above, the correctly fold question is the first step to success. In general, consumer surveys have short attention spans. That is why you need to be attentive and not let your survey to bombard them with dozens of rapid-fire questions. It may have a bad influence on your completion rates which can drop significantly according to this.

By the way, there are some useful tips on how to make a survey efficient.

• Have a specific goal in mind. It will help you to compose a brief question and avoid misunderstanding from the audience.
• Don’t try to combine several questions into one. It may be too difficult for your reader to decipher answers in the end.
• Ensure your questions are as specific as possible. It will give you more detailed information.
• Ask between 5-10 questions. If the survey is too long it may get people bored and force them to stop answering in the middle of it.
• Select proper survey tools. The whole variety of comment boxes, drop-down menus or sliding scales are available. All you need to do is simply to choose the most convenient tool for your customers.
• Try to avoid multiple-choice questions. It may be difficult for you to find an answer that fits for everyone.

3. Write An Effective Invitation

There is a thought that the survey invitation should be similar to the birthday one. You should be as friendly as you can and offer all the information to attract more people to take part in your poll.

By the way, to make your invitation more personalized you need to use a warm greeting, tell the purpose of it, and the time needed to answer all the questions. Moreover, it is necessary to bring your invitation to a close by thanking a person and wishing a good day. Be sure, your customers will appreciate this.

4. Make The Process As Seamless As Possible

Everything should be clear to people who agree to participate in your survey. Moreover, you should remember that the call to action should be noticeable as well. It should be a thing to attract users’ attention without being impossible to get rid of it. The annoying advertisement could make your reader anxious. Be sure, arranging a clickable red button will definitely turn the recipient attention in the right way and help you to make your survey more efficient. As you know, the greater number of votes makes the results more reliable.

5. Send The Survey To Your Members

Once all is ready to go, get the word out to your reader by advertising it. But first, you can get acquainted with the number of services which can help you to share your link in social media through the communication channels. If you have already done it, then you should decide where is the most suitable place for your survey to be published.

You may choose between your own website at the end of your blog post, social media profile or even the email signature. And keep in mind, readers won’t keep much attention while seeing it for the first time. That is why there should be advertised in multiple places to attract as more people as it is possible.

6. Collect And Review All The Responses

After studying the survey you will have a lot of work to do. As a rule, after gained feedbacks have been seen the team starts to work on the actionable steps to start to move and develop in the way, the readers want it to. But before, it is necessary to summarize the survey data in a proper way not to make a mistake. And according to this, there is a four-step process everyone needs to follow.

• Clean up your data by removing any invalid responses;
• Summarize the results;
• Break all up into the categories according to the gender, age, satisfaction or activity rate;
• Visualize the results both for your team and clients to make open-ended responses;

7. Improve Your Surveys For The Next Time

The last step you need to do after all the responses has been collected and examined it is to improve your survey for the next time. Naturally, there were some drawbacks in your first survey, but you can rid out of them in the future.

For example, if there appeared to be some of them, then you should definitely ask yourself if this is just a few particularly loud readers are raising or maybe this is a problem, that affects your website community.

You may even find out some issues that you hadn’t realized before, but be careful with these suggestions and focus on the most important ones.