7 Ways to Increase Store Sales Through Accessories

7 Ways to Increase Store Sales Through Accessories

Nowadays, the desire to start a business is absolutely normal. Very often the idea which concerns of own business starting is associated with the opening of your own store. Opening your own store is one of the simplest and the most obvious types of business to start. To succeed in sales, you need to answer one question: “Why should a buyer buy a product exactly in my store?”

Factors that affect sales are divided into external and internal. The external ones include the location of the store, the closest competitors, and the traffic junction. The internal factors include the interior, use of retail space, service, and an assortment of goods. To increase sales, you need to work on each of these factors. Besides, sellers and shop managements need to find new ways to attract the buyer’s interest.

You can use a lot of different ways to increase your profit. First of all, you need to encourage customers. There are different ways how you can do it, but the best one can be achieved by using different accessories. You can use them in different ways to encourage your customers.

So, How to Increase Your Sales through Accessories?

1. First of all, your store should look good outside. People should have a strong desire to enter. To make the exterior of your store beautiful, you need to use some accessories, for example: glasses, bags or jewelry. These accessories will not only decorate your store, but will also bring you a good income. You should also take into consideration that a lot of things depend on the type of your store. You can ask for help from a design company. The team of professional designers will make the exterior of your store perfect with the help of different accessories. Interesting accessories will encourage customers to enter your store.

2. There are different types of accessories. They can be expensive or cheap. You can do some little gifts for your buyers. If he or she buys in your store two or more things, you can give him or her a little gift. It can be, for example, unexpensive glasses. It will encourage people to buy things only in your store, as getting gifts is always pleasant.

3. You must have a special attitude towards regular customers, because they are one of the sources of your income. A very important task is not to lose them. That is why the regular buyers need special attention. You can propose them a very interesting option. For example, if they buy many things for a certain sum of money, they will be provided with great opportunity to choose the accessory what they like for free.

4. Make a special day in your store. It can be any day of a week. Only in this day, a person can receive the accessory as a gift if he or she buys something at a certain time of this specific day. This will be a pleasant bonus for your buyers. Besides, your customers will spread this information very quickly. They will spread this information among their friends or/and relatives. The number of buyers will increase. Due to this, your sales will also grow.

5. A wonderful time to increase your sales is holiday time. Before the Christmas holidays, every person goes shopping. You need your store looks the best. Use as more accessories as you can to decorate your store. Your sellers can wear interesting Christmas costumes with accessories. Everything should be in bright colors to attract the attention of buyers. Make some discounts on Christmas accessories. It will attract more customers to visit your store and buy something for their friends, relatives, or colleagues.

6. The great influence on the sales provides the customer servise – how professional sellers work with customers. Attracting buyers to the store in some way depends on how successfully the seller works to serve the customers. Sellers just need to know what exactly the buyers want. They need to propose people to buy the accessories in the right way. They should know when to make small discounts on accessories.

7. You can make certificates with discount, seasonal or gift certificates on accessories. It will attract more people to go to your store and choose a present for someone.

You can create your own customer base. Regularly (at least 1-2 times a month) report the new goods, promotions, and discounts via e-mail or SMS. It is a very helpful option when you want to increase sales.

The key to success when you are opening a business is the successful involvement of customers at the point of sale. There are many different ways to attract customers to your store. To attract visitors to the store, high-quality advertising is needed: booklets, leaflets, banners, which can be ordered in print shops or advertising agencies. Make postcards, describing a new collection or a story about a seasonal discount, and distribute them near the store, in the most crowded places. Do not forget to update the design of the show-windows: change the composition, supplement it with novelties, information about promotions, and discounts. Do not forget to indicate the address of your store as well as how to get there on the business cards. For regular customers, it is worth arranging discount cards and they will visit you more often.


It is very important to have a positive and responsive staff. Sometimes, a good-natured attitude of sellers towards buyers works better than any discount. Keep in mind the golden rule: a satisfied buyer is a regular buyer. Thus, attracting and retaining regular customers is a very difficult and time-consuming process. You need to inform buyers about new goods and give them the opportunity to save money on the purchase of exactly these goods. The methods that will be chosen to achieve the goal will depend on the imagination of the businessman and his financial capabilities.

When you open your store, you may encounter difficulties. Keep in mind. there are a lot of ways to increase sales, but the most effective is through accessories.


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