Are Collaboration Tools Risky for Your Data Security?

Are Collaboration Tools Risky for Your Data Security?

What is Data Operations platform? In the world of business, that requires rapid information transmission, collaboration tools have become the most effective means of communication among the employees and chiefs, providing the facility of distant teamwork. Having all current operations on a single platform, they can save hours on updates and state gatherings. Convenient remedies of joint work within the company allow using video conferences, project discussions, presentations and other forms of contribution that lead to more effective decision-making for any website. But along with advantages, there are security risks for database and intellectual property of the corporation in terms of sharing business information using collaboration tools. That is why it is also of great importance to pay attention to drivesavers data recovery.

Companies transfer collaboration storage from on-premises to the cloud, using new trend systems as APIs and artificial intelligence that provides easy interaction to every piece of collaboration workflow, as well as open the possibilities for cybercriminals to inflict attacks. Their searches are being conducted with the purpose to find out vulnerabilities or exposure of the collaborative system or individuals apart in order to hack up the whole database of the company. If personal data is compromised in any way, it leads to undermining security and creates a possible danger to all the levels of sensitive information.

Unintended security risks can be provoked when the users register the online collaboration tools without the program verification or with non-acquaintance what can be inside the script they are loading with the collaborative pages. It relates mostly to low-cost or free file-sharing accounts, that are hard to take control of.

Here are some examples of threats you can meet applying to collaboration tools:

Encryption under Control of Apps

Most collaboration tools cannot afford to give any limited encryption. It means that your data is on one public cloud with others, not protected comprehensively. The worst is when encryption is under control of the collaboration tool services of admins, who have access to conversations. Then your hands are tightened according to the privacy policy, and in that case, you can rely only on the security provisions of the platform.

Resolution: End-to-end encryption provides decoding the content only for talk members. Choose the collaboration tools that assure this format.

Low-Complexity Password

The easiest way for hackers is attacking through decoding the passwords, especially when they are not entangled and too short. Oftentimes, employees pay less attention to the requirements about creating a secure multiplex passcode. For that reason their accounts can be easily hacked, opening the accession to the client base and, what’s more, to company software.

Resolution: the Strong direction of the password is constantly changing as well as is using recovery-key concept.

Accessing Collaboration Tools through the Web

Nowadays it’s the common situation to work using public access, but you never know what is hidden behind. Threats, including cookies, plugins, malware and other forms of cyber-attacks or exploits, could invade your program files and business documentation. The dependence on browsers put all your sensitive data under the risks of losing or detection, no matter if your security management system is perfectly organized. Only one company participant can create a vulnerable situation for the whole base of confidential information by missing the current renewal of privacy settings. One more threat implies unauthorized and uncontrolled sharing of sensitive data by employees through the network.

Resolution: Install the collaborative tools on a computer or other appliances instead of using collaboration tools through the web-based application. The rule should be employed to each team worker and include obligatory IT authorization.

E-mail Usage

Delivery, storage, and transport of e-mail are on the way of low-security method nowadays. For that reason, even one employee, applying email digest for sending content over the internet within the application, can allow access to the sensitive data of the company. Emails, appearing with involved request to link the social networking, may contain malware or other threatening content.

Resolution: Avoid data sending over the Internet and depict any kind of digest within the application, not email.

Web Addresses Expanding Automatically

URL-links to websites, in case of sending to the collaboration platform, could create security risks, as the app automatically brings into meta-data and downloads content to your device. What’s more, the IP-address is sent back without permission to that site. The action is out of control and your confidential data is under the threat of revealing. The sites contain different types of information, quite often ransomware, including that is not appropriate to be connected in any way to your ownership.

Resolution: More suppleness for team workers in terms of monitoring security settings and determination of URL following content.

Rogue Internal Employees

The insider threat is certainly more difficult to deal with than with outsider one. It can be of a real challenge according to information being open to every employee through collaboration tools. The risk is in exploitation the available resources in espionage acting or sharing corporate data with a competitor or simply abusing company rules. These actions can cause a lot of harm, especially when rogue employees are not revealed in time, before getting close to covertly subvert the company.

Resolution: Monitor what employees are doing with the access information, where or whom they share to be confident incorporation data safety. Set the alarm when prohibited files are in danger of access.

Regardless of all the drawbacks of collaboration tools organization, it should be admitted that they are of extreme importance and convenience for doing business with the implication the staff of employees connected all the time. It’s difficult to imagine the corporations considering possible hazards, refuse to exploit these apps technology that is really of a great need in a workflow nowadays. A better solution is to prevent dangerous situations.

You must weigh all the security risks before running your business by means of collaboration tools. To stay safe ensure the awareness of all the installed applications and connections with the exterior. Provide training to update the security knowledge for the members of the work team and strengthen the governance mechanism.


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