Best Accessories for Satellite Phones and Devices

Best Accessories for Satellite Phones and Devices

Pretty much everyone has a cell phone these days, but obviously, they are not always perfect.  Sometimes you get spotty coverage even in really populated areas and some rural areas it’s impossible to get a signal at all. Imagine you had a phone that didn’t rely on cellphone tower signals but rather used the satellites over the head to get a signal anywhere in the world. As you may know that satellites phones do actually exist so we are going to talk about the cool satellite accessories which can be used with satellites phones and devices to make your life simpler and easier on whole new levels.

There are a number of companies selling different types of satellite accessories for satellite phones and other devices. You can get any of the accessories, which we are going to mention down below from sat phone store. First, let us have an idea that what these satellite phones and devices actually are?

Why Satellite Phones?

Now since you know about the accessories of satellite phones and other satellite devices you might ask that why would anybody need a satellite phone anyway?

Well, it should not be too hard to imagine that they would be useful in many situations where usual phones do not work. One example can be a disastrous situation like a hurricane or earth quack where all the phone networks go down and landlines also are damaged or maybe you are just going somewhere where there is no cell or internet service at all in the first place. If you are someone who likes hiking and you fell down and broke a bone you can use it to get help or even something as simple as letting someone know that you’ll be running late while hiking. On the flip side, it will also allow someone to contact you when they otherwise couldn’t.

Kinds of Satellite Phones

Now the first thing you will want to know about the satellite phone is what kinds are there? Because there are several services out there, all with their own satellites and they are not interchangeable. There are three big ones out there to know about which are iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar.

Iridium Satellite Phones

Iridium has 100% global coverage even in the North Pole. This is because their satellite constellation consists of 66 satellites orbiting in a pattern that covers the entire planet Earth. Because the satellites are constantly moving at 17,000 miles per hour across the sky, this means that even if you can’t get a signal at one point, it’s only are a matter of time until a satellite moves into a better position. This also means that you could have a connection and then move it when the satellite moves away but still at some point you will get a steady connection.

So let’s get started with all of these coolest satellite accessories which sat phone store has to offer.

1: Iridium Pilot Marine

Iridium pilot marine is the coolest iridium accessory among all. It provides you with an unlimited amount of internet, no matter where you are in the sea, you can always access the internet with this amazing Iridium Pilot marine which is available at sat phone store.

2: Iridium Auto-Accessory Adaptor

This Iridium accessory is designed to charge your satellite phone in your car or in your marine or cruise. It provides a speed charging and there’s just no question in the durability of iridium auto-accessory.

3: Personal Satellite Iridium Tracker

Personal satellite iridium tracker is yet another cool device for satellite phones and devices and it has a go antenna which makes it a must have personal satellite iridium tracker.

4: Iridium Shout Nano Personal Tracker

Iridium Shout nano personal tracker is a small, smart and compact device which can be paired with your satellite phone or any other satellite device will then act as your personal satellite tracker.

5: Ac Charger with Different Adaptors

It comes with different adopts like a car charger and a micro USB to access the data service, install or update applications and charge your phone directly from your PC.

6: Wired Hands free

A wired Bluetooth hands free with a satellite phone is definitely a dream and there for it made to the list of best accessories that you should have with your satellite phone.

7: Solar Charger

As long as you are under the sun, you can never run out of your satellite phone’s or device’s battery. This is a must have if you don’t want to about the charging of your satellite phone.

8: Durable Carry Case

You have a precious satellite phone and you are worried about getting it destroyed? Worry no more as this carry case will give your phone an ultimate protection and its different clips will allow you to carry it is different ways.

9: External Directional Antenna

This go antenna or external directional antenna will let you use your satellite phone even in the middle of the ocean or on the top of the mountains.

10: Doc drive

You can place it on the top of your car and then you can forget about getting connected because it will help you to catch satellite signal for your satellite devices.

If you travel a lot or if you are a mountain junky then you must have a satellite phone and devices, which you’ll need along with your satellite phone to make its working more efficient. Remember your loved ones care for you and they get worried when they don’t hear from you especially when you are in dangerous places or you are in obvious kind of threat.


Get these amazing devices from sat phone store so that you can be sure that the quality of the product you are buying is 100% and you can actually change the whole course of your months long journey in sea or of your next hike mission where it is impossible to get in touch with your loved ones otherwise.


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