Best IPad Restaurant POS Systems

Best IPad Restaurant POS Systems

If you have decided to start a restaurant business, there are a lot of things you need to think about. Every owner of the restaurant needs to choose many different details such as restaurant furniture, kitchen utensils, interior decorations and others. POS system is one of these things. Nowadays there are a lot of POS systems for restaurants. Of course, you need to choose the best one. But it is not a very simple task to choose a good POS system. Keep in mind that, first of all, it POS system should be easy in use as well as have a very high speed. Besides, technical support is very important. It must be available at any time. If there are some questions or problems, you should get the answer immediately, as every second is important.

What Are the Best iPad POS Systems?

TouchBistro’s iPad POS software is used by a lot of restaurants. Many famous chains use that POS system, for example, Johnny Rockets and Little Caesars. This POS system is suitable for any type of restaurant. It can be a wonderful choice for both a small restaurant or a large chain of restaurants. TouchBistro’s iPad POS is famous for its menu-only-mode. You can show your customers photos of menu items using the iPad. This is a good thing, as a person can see the photo of a dish. It will help visitors to make an order more quickly. Moreover, there are a lot of people who do not know what to order or how the dish looks. In such cases, this is a very helpful option. Moreover, if your chef has new dishes which he wants to add to the menu this will be not a problem.  With TouchBistro’s iPad POS system, you can add all new dishes to the menu without any difficulties. Moreover, this system determines in what order the dishes should be served. Besides, if the customer wants to receive the dishes in another order there will be no problems as well. TouchBistro iPad POS system stores this information and your staff will serve the dishes in a good order to your customer. It will be very helpful to create a very cozy and friendly atmosphere. That good option will make the dinner of your customer more unforgettable and pleasant. The POS system proposes you a big variety of options such as reservation, catering and delivery management.

There are two types of TouchBistro iPad POS software. The first type is for big restaurants and nightclubs with full-service. Another type is for small restaurants or cafes with quick-service.

If there are some problems, there is no need to worry because the technical support is available at any time. If you have any problem, you just need to inform them about it.  They will make every effort to solve your problem in no time. Technical support of this POS system will do all possible to please you and your customers.

TouchBistro iPad POS system includes different plans. You can choose what you need and this is a very good thing for you because you will not overpay. If you have a small restaurant, then you’ll need only one iPad. In such case, you can choose the Solo plan. It has one license and it costs $69 per month. The Dual plan costs $129 per month. You receive two licenses and two iPads. However (if you have a big restaurant you can choose the Unlimited plan). This plan is very advantageous because you can use as many iPads as you need. Besides, there is no need to sign a long-term contract because TouchBistro’s iPad system does not require that. If you have some temporary difficulties with business, personal problem or this system just is not suitable for your restaurant, you can easily close the account.

Revel Systems is also a good choice for your restaurant. This is an internationally famous company. It has offices in a lot of countries such as Australia, Canada, Lithuania, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United State of America. It is used in many types of business. Besides, a lot of people choose this company for a restaurant business.

Revel Systems does not provide price information. They determine the price individually to the needs of your restaurant. Almost every restaurant has some special features. That is why the needs can be different. According to this, the price for every restaurant is different. This system is not suitable only for big chains this is good for a small restaurant too. However, this iPad restaurant POS system includes as much inventory management feature as you can only need. But for using Revel Systems’ iPad restaurant POS system you need to sign the contract.

With the help of Revel Systems, your customers can make the orders on the Internet. They can choose their favorite dishes on the website or they can use the special program that is called “Revel’s Custom Commerce”. You can add the photo to any menu item. This will help your customers to learn more about the dishes in your restaurant.

This iPad POS system can control the quality of work of your staff because only this system can track the time. Using this system you will know how long a customer is waiting for the order. Such an option is very helpful. You will know how your staff works. Moreover, it will make your staff work better. If they work very well then your customers will be satisfied and, accordingly, you will be satisfied too.


As you can see, there are a lot of iPad POS systems today. Choosing your POS system, you need to pay attention to every single feature because every detail is very important. You should choose a POS system which will be easy in use for your staff and customers. The speed of the POS system is also very important. If the system will be too slow, it will badly affect your income and the reputation of your restaurant. Hope, you will make the right choice.


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