Cannabis Inspired Jewelry

cannabis jewelry

Cannabis is a plant which grows wild. This plant can grow in any climate. Cannabis is widely known as a drug. In many countries, this plant is forbidden. In some countries, cannabis is the serious criminal offense and a person can even be put in prison for this. However, in some countries cannabis is legal. For example, in the Netherlands and some states of America, this plant smoking is allowed. People like cannabis because it can raise their spirits. Your perception of the world changes under the action of this plant.

It is known that people make clothes from cannabis. Marijuana fibers are very strong. Cannabis fabric is hygienic and it absorbs up to 30% of sweat and 95% of ultraviolet rays. Clothes made from cannabis is recommended to wear, especially those people who suffer from prone to rheumatism, skin allergies, spinal diseases.

Nowadays you can see the marijuana image anywhere. Millions of people wear clothes with a pattern of cannabis. There are a lot of different types of T-shirts, sweaters, and pullovers with the cannabis patterns. Besides, cannabis inspires also jewelry industry.

GENIFER M — is one of the most popular jewelry companies now. This famous company specializes in the cannabis jewelry. This is the first company in the world which started talks about marijuana. GENIFER M’s collections are wonderful. You can find everything that you want here. A great collection of earrings, bracelets, pendants, pins, rings, and necklaces you may find there. They use the best materials for jewelry such as solid sterling silver, gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, and even diamonds. The special feature of this company is that it creates absolutely unique jewelry. They use special gemstones and materials for creating each cannabis-inspired jewelry because every jewelry is a work of art. Moreover, every necklace or pin has a special and individual design.  You can buy GENIFER M’s cannabis jewelry in a store or order it online.

A lot of celebrities from all over the world like to wear cannabis jewelry, for example, Rihanna, Alessandra Ambrosio, Chanel Iman and Ana Beatriz Barros. As you know Rihanna is a very popular singer. She has even used the cannabis jewelry in her clip. Besides, she also likes to put on this jewelry and appear with it on the public.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Jewelry?

As far as you understand, if you want to be in trend, you need to pay your attention to cannabis jewelry. You can choose a charming necklace, a stylish ring or an elegant bracelet. Cannabis leaf pendant is a nice choice for a delicate chain.  With such a stylish pendant you will look more attractive. Moreover, you can choose simple, but at the same time stylish cannabis leaf pendant or exquisite one with gemstones.  The charming stones will make the jewelry more sophisticated. Besides, the material from which the necklace is made is very important. It can be made of gold, silver or platinum. You can choose what you like. However, keep in mind that the price depends on the material of which the jewelry is made. If you choose a golden pendant with diamonds then be ready to pay a pretty penny.

A lot of people prefer marijuana leaf rings.  If you want your boyfriend looks great then you need to present him this ring. It will be a wonderful present. But you need to know the size of a finger of your boyfriend. However, if you do not know the size or you are not sure then do not worry. Consultants in the store will try to solve this problem. You need to choose the material from what the ring will be made. Silver or white gold is a good choice for boys. Besides, the precious stones will look great in the ring. It will add charm to the ring and your boyfriend will be very happy to have such a nice ring.

There is a big variety of bracelets. Cannabis bracelets are very popular among girls. You can choose golden, silver or leather bracelet. Leather bracelet with cannabis pendant is a very interesting option. You can choose the color of a bracelet. But the most popular color of the leather bracelet is brown or black. There are different types of the pendants for the leather bracelets. It can be a pendant in the shape of a cannabis leaf. It looks attractive. The round pendant with the pattern of cannabis in the center is also a good choice. It does not mean that it should be one pendant on the bracelet. If you like you can choose more pendants. The leather type of bracelets can wear both men and women.

Almost every woman who wants to be in trend wears a cannabis pin. You can attach this pin anywhere. It will look great on a sweater or a jacket. A wonderful cannabis pin will complement your look. Such a pin is suitable for any style of clothing. You just need to choose what you like. If you like to wear jeans and T-shirts, you can choose a simple pin in a shape of a cannabis leaf. If you prefer dresses then you need to think about a cannabis pin with gemstones.


So, a cannabis pattern is widely used in any industry. This is popular not only among teenagers. Many adults and even pensioners like marijuana pattern. People like to wear cannabis jewelry. Moreover, it can be a wonderful present for yourself, your friends, beloved or someone else. You can choose a leather cannabis bracelet or a stylish ring for your boyfriend or father. Moreover, there are a lot of presents for women. Every woman will be happy to receive an exquisite cannabis necklace or a beautiful cannabis pin with gemstones.