Sound Therapy

How Does Sound Therapy Work For Healing?

What is sound healing therapy? 

Sound therapy healing is a type of forgotten ancient medicine since many cultural traditions have incorporated the idea that it is possible to touch the origins of being through sound. At the moment there are a lot of training courses, as well as therapies, but more and more is gaining popularity in sound vibration therapy in New York, as it helps to achieve that level of tranquility.

We can say that sound therapy is the treatment of a person with sound. In simple words, it is the practice of the deepest relaxation and harmonization of the inner state. The sound of sacred instruments helps the body and psyche to tune in to our natural frequency.

Many sound therapists are afraid to use the word “healing,” while abroad they openly say sound healing – exactly healing with sound.

Also, the question arises, what does healing with vibrational sound therapy give us? With the help of high-frequency vibrations the body relaxes, the psyche calms, and the brain sinks into a semi-meditative, and in some cases deep meditative state. In such a safe environment for both psyche and body, our hidden blocks, fears, and traumas, often coming from our childhood, are activated. There may be no difference between a session and simply listening to music if one doesn’t know where one has gone and, in fact, why. And that’s an experience, too. But what distinguishes sound therapy from listening to music is the high-frequency sound and the intention behind it before the practice begins.

How does a sound therapy session go? What do you have to be prepared for?

In the classic version, a person comes into the studio, lies down, covers themselves with plaid, and flies away. But many author classes mix the best of yoga and sound healing. After yoga, the sound comes in amazing. The sound healing and therapy class consists of mandatory pranayama (breathing exercises) – to tune in and “cleanse” the mind and consciousness, relax the body and make it easier to perceive the sound. Then there’s meditation, after which we dive into the sound. Then there is an exit from the meditative state. Silence and the practice of gratitude.

The Benefits of Sound Therapy

More recently, research has linked music to improved health: increased immune function and reduced stress levels. Depending on which sound therapy technique you choose, the benefits of sound healing therapy may include:

  1. Reducing blood cholesterol levels.
  2. Relief of muscle pain.
  3. Relief from symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder.
  4. Improvement of emotional balance, reducing anxiety and stress levels.
  5. Reducing symptoms of PMS.
  6. Improve memory.
  7. Reduced risk of heart disease and strokes, lower blood pressure.
  8. Improved quality of sleep.

This practice, first, eliminates the negative effects of stress and various negative waves of the metropolis. It is needed if there is chronic fatigue, muscle cramps, and spasms, weakened immunity, increasing nervous and mental stress, and emotional burnout. What is the effect afterward? It is a feeling of emotional relaxation, activation of inner forces, relaxation, filling with energy, a pleasant state of resources.