How Long Does It Take For Shrooms To Get Out Of Your System?

An active ingredient containing in shrooms known as psilocybin can stay in a human system for up to 15 hours. However, the exact time of psilocybin staying active during microdosing shrooms varies from user to user. Several individual factors, like age, weight, health conditions as well as the mushrooms` features as species and dosage play here a significant role. Detection of psilocybin by a drug test also depends on the time this compound stays in your organism. Let’s discover how long does it take for shrooms to leave your system, and do shrooms show up on a drug test.

When do the effects appear?

It takes around 30 minutes after an administration to feel the effects of magic mushrooms on average. Yet, the exact time for shrooms to kick in depends on the way you have consumed them. Magic mushrooms can be eaten fresh, dried, in capsules, brewed, or added to chocolate. Tea brewed on psilocybin mushrooms, considering one of the fastest methods to feel the effects – up to 10 minutes.

How long are shrooms in your system?

Typically, a psychedelic trip lasts 4 to 6 hours, however, several slight effects can be present a little longer after the shrooms` experience. A majority of users come back to their usual condition within the next 24 hours. It is worth mentioning that bad trips on shrooms are harder to get rid of since the effects are stronger. Keep in mind that certain factors influence the duration of psilocybin’s action, including:

1. The dose – the more you take, the longer elimination will last;

2. Type of mushrooms – some species are more potent compared to others;

3. A form of shrooms – dried ones have the strongest effect;

4. Self-tolerance – the less your tolerance is, the longer effects will last;

5. An age – a younger organism can eliminate psilocybin faster;

6. Your mood before a psychedelic experience – a bad mood can lead to a bad experience that will last longer;

7. Pre-existing mental health disorders – a duration of psilocybin staying active depends on your mental conditions;

8. Mixing with other substances – the time psilocybin will eliminate depends on the substances you have consumed before, and mostly it may have an unpredictable effect.

The possibility of detection by a drug test

As it turns out, there are too many various drug tests that can be both general or specialized that finally influence the detection of psilocybin. However, there is a common belief that a usual drug test can’t reveal psilocybin unless it is done straight after an administration, or within a few hours. The human body eliminates this compound too fast to detect on a majority of drug tests, including saliva and blood tests.

When it comes to how long do shrooms stay in your system for a urine test, it also depends on some factors. While the psilocybin elimination is performed within 24 hours after administration, there is a potential risk to detect a compound in urine for a week in some users.