How to Choose Perfect Diamond Watches for Men & Women?

diamond watches

Even now when it is the 21st century many people do not imagine their life without such a simple accessory as a watch. They say that watches are irreplaceable for them in everyday life as many used to think that wearing a watch is something to be proud of. But especially proud are those whose watches are products of true craftsmanship.

They tend to spend huge amounts of money just to find a perfect accessory that will be a one to emphasize their dignity and most of the cases such things are accompanied with precious stones called “diamonds”.

Diamond watches are usually expensive and the products at the reasonable prices are presented at Still, many of us are ready to pay more for luxury brands products that offer us timepieces with great design and appropriate quality, almost designed to last us a lifetime.

Men’s or Women’s Jewelry

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but diamond jewelry is tend to be more like a family treasure. Moreover, it is worn not only by women but also by men. Of course, man does not wear rings with the diamond in the middle of it. There are not a lot of fashion accessories they can wear. They may wear cufflinks, bracelets, ties, money clips, wristbands, gloves, suspenders and watches that are the most common jewelry among men.

So, let’s figure out which watches choose those who do not regret money for really worthy things.

The last research in January this year showed that people preferred products made by the brands that went through the years with the perfect reputation. There are top 5 of them: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Tag Heuer and Lange & Söhne.

All these brands offer us a wide variety of products that differ in shape, materials, and ornamentation. Moreover, they divide their product according to the needs of both sexes as it’s well known that even in the century when there seemed not to be any difference between women’s and men’s duties and deeds there were some special requests for the watch manufacturers in all over the world.

Why Is It Important for Men to Wear a Watch?

At first, we are going to talk about men’s tastes. So, do you know that men’s watches are not only used to keep them up with time? They are a timeless and classic accessory that quickly improves any man’s appearance. It’s like an expensive sign of a rich man. Moreover, it is well known that for those who want to show their personal style and status, diligently choosing the perfect ticker is the main priority.  

Moreover, a lot of researches show that men who wear watches are:

    • more attractive to women;
    • look more competent and more trustworthy;
  • more likely to be hired and get promoted as well.

Internationally recognized as a status symbol, especially highly complicated timepieces are always in high demand. Also, potential buyers choose watches, depending on how many diamonds they have.

Do you know that diamonds price depends not only on their shape or weight but also on their color? An average person, not a professional in this business does not even think about this. But it is the truth as the price depends on diamonds rarity and rare diamonds are much more expensive.

There is a large palette of diamond colors, they are divided into four main color groups based on their prices:

    • the cheapest colored diamonds – brown, grey, and fancy yellow diamonds;
    • mid-range pricing –  orange and vivid yellow diamonds;
    • high price range – purple, pink, violet, green and blue diamonds;
  • ultra high – there is only one and it is red.

The one interesting fact about red diamonds is that they are so rare that even if the red color is the modifier, the secondary color, the price of the diamond spikes.

So, if the man does choose the most expensive diamond to his watch it would be, no doubt, the most expensive one everyone has ever seen before.

What Is the Difference between Women’s and Men’s Watches?

In their turn, women’s watches are even pickier than men’s. The trick is to choose the watch that will match your lifestyle, whether you are a business lady or a housewife. In fact, this sparkle pieces are becoming more popular as part of everyday outfits for women everywhere. Whatever their inclinations are, women need a watch that can be suitable for every occasion. It should look gorgeous both when you go to the office and to the banquets to elevate your formal occasion outfit to the new level.

By the way, you should keep in mind that some ladies watches can be slim and trim while others of them will be lavish with a fancy croc embossed strap, or crystal accents on it.

While looking for the perfect watch to reflect beauty, grace, and elegance every woman should pay attention to the high watch fashion at its best and the most famous brands offering a big variety of it. One of the most stunning watches is the ticker with chocolate diamonds combined with a brown satin strap. It is a very good combination, you know.

Such companies as Bulova, EFFY, and Le Vian were recognized as the best among others which offer a big collection of women diamond watches. Also, there are such watch companies like Juliet and Movado which also offered elegant and lovely timepieces that will be able to suit any situation and taste, even the one of a very picky woman.

By the way, it is generally known that ladies wear men’s watches and it is ok. They say, men’s watches are bigger and more attractive and many women agreed with that. So, due to this fact it should be said that men’s diamond timekeepers are even more worthy to buy than the women’s.

But on the other side, some people say that there is no actual ladies’ or men’s watch. It just comes down to wrist size, personal choice of the wearer, and his/her preferences.


Watch is really a good thing to have, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, a person with the status or without it. Keep in mind that wearing a classic wristwatch is something like a connection to history. As one writer said, it’s what your father and your grandfather and even your great-grandfather wore. So, if you decide to present your beloved a diamond watch, be sure it will be a great, truly priceless gift!