how to decorate with rugs

How to Decorate Your Room With Rugs?

A great and stylish rug can change the entire look of a room. This whole remodeling of the look is not only for the flooring or for a particular place. It can transform the whole room and provide a completely new feel. Gone are the days when we used to utilize miami rugs only in the drawing rooms, now it can create an amazing look from the dining room to the bed to the bath. So, whenever you are getting bored from the interior of your home, add a rug to the place that lacks excitement, and your problem gets solved with rugs use. It also unites the whole look of the place while adjusting the furniture, carpet, curtains all at one place and shows a cozy and warm look (pay attention to Monaco area rugs because it is best to use for this purpose). Let us have a look at some of the different ways for your home to decorate with rugs.

    1.   Add Some Variety

Rugs are one of the best things to define a separate area which shows or creates its feel. Like you can easily separate and set the whole individual look of your dining area and living room with the help of rugs. Both would look apart and different from each other. In large studio apartments or master size bedrooms; you better need some arrangement that gives a separate kind of feel. Try to play with rugs this time. Create some different varieties of rug décor in open spaces. Don’t use the same size and color’s rugs in one room; it would damage the whole visual sense. Instead, use different sized rugs to glorify the aesthetic sense. Not only this, but it would be complementing the whole look of the room and creates a harmony between everything.

     2.  Play Around With Shapes

Don’t assume that rugs should be square. Give the way you a chance to amass your furniture manage the state of your rug. Give yourself a shot which shape would look best, and after that run with a square, round or oval shape if that appears to supplement your furniture course of action superior to a rectangular one.

When you buy a room size rug, for the safe side just check that the length and breadth of the carpet are enough to cover the flooring. If the edges remain open then it helps in making the room look larger. It also helps in complementing the overall look of your furniture because rugs play a vital role in it. Make sure all sides of the table rug are wide enough to accommodate both feet of the person on the carpet when you walk. Similarly, change all the rugs and pillows to update an overall feel of the room according to the evolving seasons, or as a way to introduce new scheme and trends as per rug decorating ideas.

     3.  Dress Up Your Wall

Use your rug as a wall hanging to display a rug, or to create a focal point to shift the whole attention towards there. So, if you are trying to implement this tip then figure out what kind of a bold rug you should use for your home, what should be your chosen color scheme, which color should be dominating in your home, etc? For example, if you have dark-wood or burgundy color floors, then the complementing rug should also be from the dark color family. What more you can do to spice up your walls is that you choose a rug that has at least one to two same colors as of your current room, or should coordinate with it. Moreover, if you do coordination with the color of the furniture, it’s also a right approach to go with to avoid many hassles.

Another idea to experiment and decorate area rugs with is to create bold patterns with the neutral color scheme. You can use neutral colors, but you must have a stock of powerful images and design patterns with yourself to make it the center of attention in your room. For this purpose, you may unite the floor with the bold walls as well with the help of neutral colored rugs. So, it means you can design your room around the rug’s color scheme. Recommended colors with which you can play can be orange, yellow, or red because it creates pop and jazz feeling in your mind.  If you are comfortable with the neutral color idea, then play around the whites, beiges, greys, or coffee color, etc.

     4.  Create A Center-Of-Attention With It

The easiest way to create a point for center-of-attention in your room is to draw a place of numerous accessories, especially with decorating the area rugs on the floor or wall.  It doesn’t mean that associative things like furniture should also be unique instead the rugs should be bold. One more thing you can do is to use black color as a focal point. Whether you use it with rugs or have a black colored unique shaped furniture, trust me it would create the strongest impact like a funky chair, or a bold lamp or an intricate sculpture. Try to create a fantastic contrast with it.


So, rugs come in all kinds of varieties whether it’s in a soft, abstract or muted patterns, etc so you can start decorating with area rugs. Whether you want to renovate your traditional look of the kitchen, try to have the casual, cozy looking rugs from Rug savings collection. Most importantly, they are also washable without any hassle so what else you want. Plus if you love a minimalist kind of bedroom look, then this Rug savings’ rugs play a significant role in it. If you want to have an accent rug for the living room then just come over the store and buy whatever you want.