vinyl wall graphics

How to Make Vinyl Wall Graphics?

Even the highest quality repairs later need improvements, and the soul requires change. It is not necessary to call construction crews at once and to plan capital repairs. A simple decor of the walls with vinyl graphics will help to change the situation.

Today on the market there is a wide range of vinyl stickers of different sizes and subjects. It is easily glued and can be as decor for the walls, but also as a perfect option to hide some coating defects. Stickers with the image of cartoon characters will be perfect for a children’s room, or you can choose sea inhabitants for a bath.

You can use any paper drawings, fabric, and even yarn for applications. Keep in mind, this type of decor is suitable for a loft or fusion room. In addition, you can create your vinyl stickers (for example, flowers or animals). Decoration of walls with decorative butterflies is also very popular today. You can print them in a printing house or buy ready-made stickers.

The thing is, the wall decoration is a great way to express yourself regardless of the materials used. Whether stickers, applications, drawings, photo portraits, or wall hand-made decor will create a unique interior with a unique atmosphere.

Top 5 benefits of wall graphics

Digitally printed wall graphics have some undeniable benefits:

An unforgettable experience

Design ideas can be implemented almost without restrictions – the name of the company, inspiring quotes, formulated mission, logo, graphics, wallpaper, and murals on the entire wall. Digital printing allows you to create everything you want. In addition, self-adhesive materials can have a unique pattern, color, or texture, which can be easy to use on your old wallpaper.

Enhance the popularity of a particular brand

Custom wall graphics allow you to apply logos, slogans, and photos of key products. Personalized walls, decorated in a corporate style, show good taste, and form the right image.

Easy to remove

Wall graphics can be removable or permanent. Stickers allow you to change the look for new seasons or special events. Personalized wallpaper is the choice for long-term applications.


In crowded places, painted walls may need frequent cleaning to maintain a new look. Instead, vinyl wallpaper is very durable. Wall graphics, made on self-adhesive films, requires almost no maintenance.


With wall stickers, you can create realistic landscapes, photos, and works of art with much less money and time than hand-painted.