How to Match Your Jewelry to the Occasion?

How to Match Your Jewelry to the Occasion?

According to the latest research, women spend over 90 minutes per week choosing the best accessories for their look. So, there are certain rules of thumb which can help you to look perfect at any occasion.

The common question is what should one wear not to look too casual and not too fancy at an informal meeting. Be certain, the best accessory when wearing casual outfits are soft, natural and warm pieces. It could be a neck scarf or the classic watch with a few cute rings. Be sure, minimal jewelry is your way to success.

Сlean, sharp and vivacious jewelry are better to choose for business lunch with colleagues. It can both enhance all the formalities of the event and little ease your look at the same time. It will surely be an outfit that makes heads turn.

And the third occasion that might make your nervous is a fashionable soiree. No doubt, you will want to create a look that no one else will be wearing and the pieces of jewelry must be appropriate. The best advice is to pick something bold, dazzling or bewitching.  But keep in mind, everything else you wear must be as simple as possible.

So now, be sure that you are definitely aware of all the secrets and are ready for every occasion, whatever it may be.



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