Poster Printing Business

How To Start A Poster Printing Business?

Nowadays, poster printing is a quite profitable and promising business sphere. More and more customers are applying to this service for fulfilling their great ideas. So, pay your attention to online photo printing and same day photo printing providing a wide range of poster sizes available as well as high-quality materials and modern printing techniques. Have a great poster printing plan, but don`t know how to realize it? Let`s find out about business poster printing startups, and when did the printing industry form at all.

Poster printing industry at a glance

Typically, poster printing goes for a process of creating different-sized posters that can be used for both commercial and advertising purposes. Modern posters are mostly intended for informing, and at the same time provide an attraction for the audience – that is why posters are great for movie previews as well as event announcements.

It is worth mention that there are two main types of the poster printing industry. The first variation is digital poster printing – it is a modern cost-effective way of printing that is nice for small runs. This type of printing works by directing the ink charges straight to the paper or any other printing material. In comparison, there is a lithographic poster printing type – it is when the spacious steel plates with ink on a top are used for a printing process. As a result, this type is quite expensive and great for a high-volume run but provides high-quality printing and perfect color matching too. Additionally, a client can choose a suitable poster printing option – matte, high-gloss, or semi-gloss that determines the ability to reflect light flashes.

Interestingly, the history of digital photo printing comes from 1991 when Graham Nash became the first who has printed a large poster for a band Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. However, the first digital art printer has appeared earlier, in 1989, and it was a large-format inkjet printer using a not long-lasting ink at all.

What are the most popular poster sizes in printing industry?

To tell the truth, there is no single universal poster size, we can just refer to the most common standard poster sizes that any printing company should provide. These standard poster sizes include:

1.     Small poster size (11×17 inches) – best for indoor advertising and event announcement

2.     Medium poster size (18×24 inches) – perfect for educational and promoting purposes

3.     Large poster size (24×36 inches) – suits for either advertisement, announcement, or promotion

4.     Standard movie poster size, or one-sheet size (27×40 inches) – suitable for movie announcements and official advertising goals.

Essentials for a profitable poster printing startup

Today, the poster printing industry goes side-by-side with many other businesses that make her being in extreme demand. To stay afloat, you have to acquaint yourself with the basic things your future business plan has to include. The next features are literally a key to success in the business sphere.

1. Printing quality

No doubt, customers will always appreciate the quality of any production, so make sure you have enough professional equipment to ensure the performance of the high-quality orders straight from the beginning. When it comes to the posters, image resolution, as well as color matching, plays here a big role. Since then, whether you want to make a poster printing business as profitable and successful as possible you need to be guided by the characteristic of quality.

2. Time for turnaround

Turnaround time is also a significant part of the poster printing business – many customer reviews are built mostly on the indication of price and waiting time. It will be appropriate to offer same-day order delivery for some extra payment. Besides, a nice idea is to provide a performance of poster orders for 48 hours, but make sure your service will deal with that turnaround time.

3. Accessibility

The last but not the least thing to remember while creating a poster printing startup is ensuring customers with easy access. That means you would better allow clients to upload their images and poster templates to the online version of your business site to make the process of order creating more convenient. Agree that current living conditions rapidly made people do everything online, and be sure that nice option will work here the best.

Tips on how to create an excellent poster printing business plan

Typically, a well-elaborated business plan becomes a true steady for any of the startups. Processing every part of a business plan, you will exactly know in which direction your business needs to be addressed – starting from market research to the distribution of finances. Here are a few basic things to make your first business plan working well.

1.     Discover an industry your business belongs to

By learning more about the business sphere you are invested in, you will acquaint yourself with the benefits and potential downsides your affair may meet. The best way to discover a market and industry, in general, is to find a poster printing business mentor – he\she will share with you some vital things that many other entrepreneurs may don’t mention.

2.     Learn more about competitors

If you are all about achieving success, getting familiar with the competitors makes you be in an advantageous position since you will know exactly with whom you have to deal. The golden rule is to make your own poster printing offers more attractive compared to other opponents.

3.     Create a marketing strategy

Decide on the way your poster printing business will be promoted. A marketing campaign is a significant part of any business plan – the right methods for product advertisement will make your affair extremely profitable too.

4.     Elaborate a plan for the distribution of funds

Documenting a financial performance, finding investors, considering financial risks, the appointment of salaries – all these things and many others are related to the financial side of a successful business plan. Ensure reliable specialists in your working team do not get frightened by any of the issues with the company’s funds.