Is Oracle HCM The Same As PeopleSoft?

Even some specialists sometimes find it difficult to answer this question since there is not so much information. However, the topic of differences, advantages, and disadvantages between different Oracle services is exciting.

But first, let’s figure out together what kind of company it is. Oracle (Oracle Corporation) is a US corporation that is one of the most significant and visible software manufacturers and suppliers, not including the most popular Microsoft.

What are oracle HCM cloud and PeopleSoft?

So, the first, called Oracle HCM, is defined as a unique cloud for a whole set of computer programs responsible for monitoring all company employees’ work in a single digital storage. At the same time, like any cloud application, this set of programs is available on all interconnected devices so that you can always access it. Further, this data is provided by the service and transferred to the personnel department to select suitable employees and improve the quality of work.

A second service from PeopleSoft HCM, an Oracle subsidiary, also provides the ability to manage workforce human resources.

How is oracle HCM clod different than HCM PeopleSoft?

Most experts now choose in favor of the first option we have named since there is a difference between PeopleSoft vs oracle hcm in terms of their work. What is it?

1) Ease of planning software in the cloud.

When comparing PeopleSoft vs oracle HCM, it turns out that it will be much more complex, more expensive, and much slower to produce all the necessary reports, plans, and calculations with PeopleSoft.

The fact is that when using it, you need to know a huge number of factors. And in the case of its alternative, it will be enough to know the following information: the total number of your employees;  information about which specific countries you work in and plan to open;  the goal of the company’s growth, etc.

Based only on this fairly general data, a professional will already be able to form a suitable cloud option for you.

In addition, oracle HCM cloud vs PeopleSoft software makes it possible to save money on installing additional equipment, as it is well compatible with Microsoft Excel, where you can draw up and store reports on employees and their wages paid.

2) The relevance of the software and its compliance with modern requirements.

PeopleSoft has lagged far behind the latest innovations. At the same time, Oracle HCM works like a clock.

The difficulty lies in the fact that if you have an old version of the PeopleSoft cloud program, then it will hardly be possible to remake and update it; it will be much easier to rebuild it.

As for cloud storage, you cannot even desire to face such serious problems since the company automatically updates it without your participation. New and improved versions are constantly released, and in the old ones, mistakes are dealt with.

In terms of money, such changes are much cheaper and more smoothly fit into your company’s budget than the huge costs of redrawing the program again.

3) Tax information

They provide users with tax information as well as payroll data in very different ways.

Our team hopes that we were able to briefly answer your question: “Is oracle HCM same as PeopleSoft?”. We wish you prosperity in life and business!