Psychedelic room decor

Psychedelic room decor ideas: Tips For Your Inspiration

Psychedelic home décor doesn`t require you to take a dose of magic mushrooms or LSD. It firstly represents the unusual way of life. Such decorations typically demonstrate the creativity and originality of the owner – it includes colorful elements, a lot of light, exceptional attributes, etc. Do you want to stock up with necessary décor elements? Shroom accessories for your home ensure you a wide range of suitable items for home decoration. With that being said, let`s discover the most worthy psychedelic room décor ideas.

Arrange a place for meditation or relaxing

A special place in your house intended for spiritual experiences takes first place during psychedelic-inspired decorating. You can arrange a corner in your bedroom or living room by putting small pillows and carpets over the floor. It would be better to use the purple color – it represents mystery and creativity. Use some candles and Buddha statuettes to make an atmosphere most cozy and calm for your meditation or psychedelic experience.

Add lights for coziness

Incorporate mood lights and lanterns that work well for psychedelic décor. Whether you are willing to create an authentic mysterious atmosphere, attach some garlands with a warm light along the walls. Additionally, you can get plasma or lava lamps that will make unusual patterns – your living area will look more creative! A Moroccan pendant lantern will suit psychedelic bedroom décor too.

Decorate a ceiling and walls

Are you keen on psychedelic art? Don`t miss your chance to decorate walls and ceilings with unique psychedelic artworks! The colorful tapestries with some spiritual symbols, complicated patterns, magic mushrooms, tie-dye colors, yin yang symbols, etc., will also perfectly suit your psychedelic home décor. You need to attach chosen art on the ceiling and walls – good job, you look more extraordinary than ever!

Use colorful carpets

The bohemian style goes side-by-side with psychedelic décor, so decide on carpets made in this conception. Vintage Persian or Turkish rugs will no doubt be the most incredible addition to your interior. However, you can choose other variants – colorful carpets with zig-zags, patterns, or bright lines will suit here as well. You can use one carpet as an accent or put a few ones over the floor for the most comfort and coziness. Your friends will appreciate gatherings on soft rugs in your house!

Add some cozy accents

To create a single mysterious atmosphere, you will need to place some emphasis on the whole house. For instance, the scented candles on a coffee table, dresser, dressing table will bring wonderful spirit to your home, as well as incense burners. Don’t forget about Buddha attributes that represent inner peace and balance. Use a dream catcher in a bedroom as a great accent. In addition, you can easily use any bohemian or hippie attributes and decorating elements to create a unique psychedelic design.