Smile Is The Best Accessory

Smile Is The Best Accessory

Whatever your best outfit is, if you are not wearing your smile, it is useless. Whatever you wear– branded clothes, jewellery, and nice shoes, it would not be appreciated if you aren’t wearing your best smile. A loving smile is the best accessory that’s why even if you are just wearing old-fashioned clothes, there is no way you can’t be appreciated. For many, it is just a smile, but there are different uses of a smile as your best accessory.

Lighten Your Day

The first thing in the morning that you have to do is to exercise your mouth through smiling. Do this in front of the mirror and look at yourself saying how beautiful your smile is.

Show Your Attractiveness with Your Smile

Nothing is more attractive than a lovely smile. As Bob Marley said, that the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile. So, show your curve and give your pretty smile. This just implicates that whatever body type you have, fat or thin, your smile is more important. Your perfect vital statistics is a useless curve if you don’t show your best curve which is your smile.

Genuine Smile to Lighten Mood

Nothing is more real than your genuine smile. How can we know that it is genuine? It is genuine if it is not a forced smile. We give fake smile to the people we don’t like. And because of our professionalism, we have to interact and fake our actions with the other people. Despite our dislike for the person, we must give our genuine smile not because we are a good person but because we value the camaraderie and companionship we had with the other people. It is the relationship that matters. You may change your relationship if you give your genuine smile. It may not have an impact on you but it means a lot to other people.

A Smile is the Best Gift

There is nothing more precious to give than your smile. It is what we can give that is free but with a high value. Your smile shows how thankful you are. Your smile is the most valuable gift because it has emotions, it has positive vibes and it is true.

Your Smile to Give Sympathy

There are many instances that we are depressed and unthankful with our life and what we have for many reasons. It can be because someone dies. It can be because we just had a break up. Or it can be because of our fight with a family member or a lost friend. For whatever reason, it is hard to smile if we are in distress. However, if there is someone who would give us what we call a sympathetic smile, our mood could somehow be lightened. Because of their sympathetic smile, we feel that we are not alone. We feel that there is someone who understands us. Though they are not saying a word, because of their sympathetic smile, we can say that everything will be alright.

Your Smile to Give Respect                                  

You can let someone feel what you feel through your body language. You can see if someone is arrogant or not by the way they act. Whatever the status in life of a person is, we must give them a polite smile. This kind of smile is an indication that you respect the person. Your polite smile can tell how you treat other people around. You can even understand how arrogant someone you meet is by giving them your polite smile,- it can change their perspective (because sometimes, arrogance is caused by the reactions we receive from someone around).

Your Smile to Show Love

Your smile is also the best way to show your love. You can give your loving smile to your loved ones, family and real friends. It is this smile that you make when you see your loved ones.

Gain Friends through Your Smile

Whenever you are, your smile is the best greetings you can give to someone. It is better than saying “hello” or “hi”. It is an indication that you are open to meeting new friends and for keeping friends. If you want to have more friends, just wear your smile. Even if you don’t have gold jewellery, your smile is your best accessory. If you wonder why there are people who have many friends and who are famous, it is because of their attitude in giving their smile to whoever they meet, despite the status, gender, education, and age of the person.

Avoid the Sarcastic Smile

Your smile can let you have either friends or enemy. Giving your sarcastic smile could mean hostility. You won’t gain friends, but you will gain an enemy. A sarcastic smile is given if you underestimate the person showing how dumb the person is and showing how ahead of them you are.


Your smile could mean a lot to someone you meet. It’s either the person would feel grateful because of your smile or the person can be offended because of your smile. Whatever it is, remember, that your smile is designed to let people feel loved.


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