The Best Business Gadgets And Accessories For Small Businesses

The Best Business Gadgets And Accessories For Small Businesses

A business, no matter how big or small it is, can’t operate without the help of digital technologies. Whatever your business is, you need to have the best business gadgets for your convenience as well as for your employees. Whether you like it or not, we are now in a digital world and you have to engage with these business gadgets for quicker and accurate service to your clientele. Check the following gadgets for businessmen which can be of big help in your daily operations.

ZutaLabs Pocket Printer

This is a portable printer, which can be easily moved across the office. You can easily connect this through Wi-Fi. You can use the battery as much as one hour of straight printing.

Flapit Counter

This unique product is used as a social media stock-ticker. It can show how many Facebook likes and YouTube hits your business gained. You can connect this gadget using Wi-Fi from your smartphone, computer or a tablet.

Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices

This device is very convenient because you can be sure that you will not go out of battery.

Dell XPS 18 Portable All-in-One

This is intended for meetings in the conference room. This is an 18-inch, which has a kickstand so you can also use it as a touchscreen computer.


This device is very useful if you have three, five or even seven gadgets in your office. You can charge here all the gadgets at once since it has seven-ports for charging.

IoSafe 1513 NAS RAID

This storage device can be used in protecting your data. Despite extreme temperature even up to 1,550 degrees for 30 minutes and even flood of up to 10 feet in three days, data is secured here from damage. You can also store large files of up to 90GB.

Ring Video Doorbell

This amazing device can let you monitor who enters and who leaves into your store or office. This can record and send the video to your phone or to the other device.

Microsoft Surface Pro-4

This offers the feature of the laptop and tablet in one. It has storage of 128 GB, Intel Core, and 4GB RAM and is operated by the Windows 10.

Zolt Laptop Charge

This is designed to charge the devices such as laptop tablets and smartphones with one USB port. It can save lots of space.

iRobot AVA 500

This device can be very useful if you are away from the office, but you need to have a meeting with your employees. This robot can also lessen the cost of airfare, as you don’t have to travel back to your office for a meeting when you are in a business meeting.

Portable POS

If you have products or storefront you will need this portable POS, as a lot of customers prefer digital payments over cash because it is much safer and faster. You can actually get payments from credit card and debit card using this Portable POS.

Portable Projector

The projector is needed especially during meetings and presentations. This is important and very useful especially if there is no conference room in your office. Choose a portable projector that can connect with HDMI micro SD slot USB, and 3.5mm audio jack.

Power Bank

This device is a must for all businessmen, especially those who travel a lot. You can avoid having an empty battery which is stressful especially if you have clients who you need to contact.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set Techradar

This device helps you with taking down notes. It can be connected to iOS and Android to easily store what you have written on your digitized notes.

Wi-Fi Scanner

This one-touch portable scanner is the answer to your problem in scanning quickly documents. You can scan documents and directly send them to your Wi-Fi enabled tablet or computer.

Portable Laptop Monitor

You need more screens for you to do more and become more productive when using your laptop or computer.

Wall-Mounted TV Dashboard

Let your office have a nice entertaining view with this wall-mounted TV Dashboard. It can show your clients a business performance which can be watched in the entire office.


This product is becoming known in the businesses. It provides convenience for tasks like ordering a call back from tech support, marking timesheets, booking a vacant meeting room and reordering office supplies.


As a businessman, you need to keep pace with the changes in the society and with the technology as well. You should not be left behind on what is new because there is strong competition between businesses. You have to embrace the changes to stay connected with this changing world. These gadgets are invented not to make your operations costly, but to make your operations faster with accuracy. If you can give fast service to your clients or customers, you can build goodwill which is needed in the business. It may be costly on your part but being in a slow processing of your documents or slow achievement of tasks can somehow make your business operations more costly. These gadgets and accessories are just ways to help small business cope up with needed operations in their business. This is also to ensure that businessmen could have easy access to the global community which is also a factor in improving their business.


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