The Best Dog Accessories to Buy in 2018

The Best Dog Accessories to Buy in 2018

The dog is a “man’s best friend”. Aside from having a literally human best friend, most of the humans consider the dog as their best friend because dogs will just listen to you wholeheartedly without any hesitation. Dogs are one of the best companions that you can count in whenever you need a friend, even if they can’t speak, they can actually feel what you’ve felt, that’s why most of the people prefer dogs to be their best buddy rather than a human friend.

If you are a dog lover, then, obviously your dog is a part of the family. You buy the best dog products, feed your furry friend, give him shelter, pay attention to his safety and health, as well as give love to your friend. But how can we make them more comfortable not just by giving their usual needs? Most dog lovers buy cool dog accessories for their dogs.  Accessories for dogs look adorable. Here are some of the best dog accessories for your furry friend, which are in trend in 2018.

Pet Carrier Backpack

This backpack is a trend nowadays. With the help of carrier backpack, you can carry your fluffy dog anytime and anywhere you want. It is hassle free so that you won’t be tired of carrying your dog with your hands. With this backpack, your dog will be more comfortable whenever you go out. This could also assure you that your dog will be far from being untidy because he can’t easily stroll around.

Dog Hoodie

Dog hoodie is also a trend these days. Usually, dogs who wear these look so cool like k-pop actors, it is also useful for the cold weather so that your pet won’t feel too much cold using a hoodie.

Dog Beds and Furniture

Just like humans, rest is also important for our dogs, so some dog lovers invented a dog bed and furniture so that our dogs will keep warm and relax. If your dogs are relaxed and warmed, they will not easily get sick. Some dogs could get sick because of the very cold weather.

High Tech Toys

With these toys, you will no longer go out just to play with your dog. If you are busy in your house but you want to play with your dog, you can use this high tech toys. You can do your work, while your dog is just playing using high tech toys. You can multi task while your dog is busy fetching the balls. This could also add enjoyment to your dog because dogs could also get bored.

Dog Safety Belt

Dog belt is very useful for dog lovers. Whenever you go out with your, dog he can’t go far from you because of this safety belt. This could also ensure safety for your dog.


One of the coolest dog accessories is neckerchief. With the help of this accessory, your dog will look more attractive and fashionable.

Dog Collar

The dog collar is the best dog accessory. It will not be hard for you to find your pet whenever it is, because there are lots of dogs using this dog collar, just make sure you have the unique collar.

Water Resistant Dog Shoes

Freezing ice can cause harm to the soft dog paws. This accessory is best for winter but can also work if your sidewalks are not safe for your dog’s paws.

Dog Bandana

You can’t tell that the dog is completely dressed if it has not a bandana. This may not be useful but a bandana can make your dog look cute. You will be confident to carry a very cute dog wearing a bandana.

Microfiber Dog Towel

This is to prevent your dog from running to the couch after bathing. This is designed to easily attach to the dog’s skin so that it can’t slide while the dog is drying his body. By this, you can prevent your couch or car from wet from your dog’s wet body from bathe.

LED Dog Collar

This is ideal to use at night while having a walk with your dog. This is attached to your dog’s neck which could brighten the dark streets. It is USB charged collar which you can choose from seven different colours. This also could make both of you and your dog safer at night especially in those places without streetlights because your dog can be easily spotted because of this LED dog collar.


Here are some examples of the best accessories to buy in 2018. These accessories are not only for the fashion of our dog. Dogs are family. So, as the pet owners, we are obliged to make our pets presentable, not just dogs but also other pets. But being a dog lover is not measured whether you can buy accessories or not, just don’t abuse them, just treat them right. As a dog owner, it is our responsibility to provide our pets with the things they need. The things needed for the everyday life of your dog are not just for hassle free activities but also to make our pets beautiful and clean. Dogs can also be happy if they feel they are groomed by their owners.


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