Christmas tree decor

Top 6 Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Every year we all look forward to Christmas. And everyone imagines their Christmas tree in different ways, but everyone often wants to see it like a Christmas tree New York just like in the movie. Today, we will take apart Christmas tree decor ideas that can help you.

1. Chic and glitter

Tired of primitive Christmas tree decor? Gold and pink accessories will fill your home with radiance. This trendy and yet classic combination is gaining in popularity every year.

Let’s start with the most important element – the Christmas tree. The combination of pink and gold-pink toys will give it dynamics. Fans of more glitter in the decor can decorate the tree with light garland and a shiny top. As for the living room, place a few accent metal accessories on the shelves and coffee table. You can accentuate the holiday atmosphere with gift wrappers and cushions in a matching color schemе.

Often also referred to as western Christmas tree decor. 

2. Blue ice and white snow

Blue and white are some of the most natural winter colors. And while many people don’t necessarily associate these shades with Christmas, their simple and elegant combination won’t go unnoticed. Go to the store and choose decorations for the Christmas tree decor, doors, and stairs in the white and blue palette. Blue candles, tinsel, snowflakes, and other decorations may also be nice, making the interior even more festive. Do not forget that the gifts under the tree should go with the rest of the decorations, so let the packaging meet the general color trend. And get ready to receive compliments!

3. Rustic Charm

Whether you live in a beautiful cabin in the woods or downtown, you can still turn your home into a country palace for the holidays. The secret is in simplicity. You’ll want to create an atmosphere of cozy relaxation by the fireplace with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Typically, rustic décor involves the use of a natural range, recycled wood, and metallic accents. Pine twigs, rustic table decorations, pine cone wreaths, and wood accessories will all help transform your home. Your Christmas will feel truly natural and cozy!

4. Table Decorations

Another important element is the dining table. What’s Christmas without a festive dinner with a rich menu? We can do mini Christmas tree decor! 

But don’t forget: table decorations are just as important as the food itself.  A dressy Christmas table will fill the house with a festive feel. A special tablecloth, winter flowers, and shining glasses will create a simple and elegant style. As for the atmosphere of warmth and coziness, here the best helpers are candles. Complete the look with small elements, from pine cones to shiny trinkets. A well-decorated Christmas table will make food seem even more delicious!

5. Christmas tree in a basket

You probably have a plain Christmas tree stand lying around in your closet somewhere. But don’t rush to get it. How about this idea: put the tree in a cozy basket? Why? Firstly, it gives you more options to decide how the tree looks: for example, whether it will combine with other decorations or become a standalone accent in the interior. Second, the basket will give the Christmas tree a neater look and hide all the ugly lower branches. And, most importantly, this way you get more space under the tree for gifts.

6. Disco Style Christmas Tree

An option for the real kings of the dance floor. You can easily replicate this kind of modern decor Christmas tree at home with your family. Just take several disco balls of different sizes and glue them together. Place larger balls at the base, smaller ones at the top. Such a shining Christmas tree will light up your house all holidays. And who knows what you will like more: presents or a Christmas tree.

Implement these simple ideas and your home will look extra festive this year. As you can see, Christmas has many more colors than the usual red and green! Now it’s time to get together with your family and start creating some magical Christmas memories.