Top Illegal Car Accessories

Top Illegal Car Accessories

Most of the people who own a car, love to modify their rides. These people spend a lot of dollars on car accessories which usually upgrade the performance of their car. Some people prefer customizing the visual appearance of the cars using a few mods. With that being said, car modifiers always enjoy good business as they are always in need by these people. Also, these car modifiers can completely modify your car in the way you would like to have it. However, there are certain car mods which are illegal and should not be used in cars.

The Blacklisted Modifications

Most of the people who modify their cars usually forget about the fact that they need to abide by certain vehicles and regulations while modifying their car. However, car modification is not completely illegal. Only a very few mods are marked as unlawful as they tend to violate the traffic or some other form of vehicle rules. So you need to have a clear idea of what car mods are illegal before modifying your car if you would like to stay away from fines, tickets, and penalties.

Low Suspension

Most of the automobile manufacturers design their cars to have sufficient ground clearance so that your vehicle is not damaged by the bumps on the roads. However, few people love modifying the suspension to decrease the ground clearance. Although this can greatly damage your vehicle, people still love doing it as it helps them minimize the drag effect as much as possible. Once the drag is minimized, the aerodynamic properties of the car enhance it to achieve greater speeds. Speeding is one of the most major reason for accidents. Once you get involved in an accident with another driver, any auto accident attorney will be clearly able to prove on paper that the low suspension was the reason for the accident and might even attract legal proceeding against you for the illegal car mods.

Light Rigs

People who usually love to roam around forests and challenging terrains like mountains, usually require a lot of light on their cars to stay safe. Such people who use their vehicles in off-road terrains prefer having a specific light rig on the roof of their car. These extra bright light beams are the most popular Illegal car mods as not many people who use them do not know that it has been blacklisted. Most of the state laws ban such vehicle from being driven on the State Highways as these light beams can distract the other drivers on the road and can easily cause accidents, thereby putting the lives of other drivers at risk.

Neon Lights

Neon Lights are the most favorite car mods for people who love to customize the appearance of the vehicle. Although they look great and can enhance the appearance of your vehicle, they have been classified as Illegal Car Accessories. However, using Neon Lights on cars are not completely illegal. You need to carefully choose the color and position of the neon lights such that they do not distract the drivers on the adjacent or opposite lanes. Using blue and red neon lights is completely illegal as they are used only for government vehicles like police and emergency services. Using flashing neon lights can get you ticketed almost instantly as they tend to distract the other drivers on road and can even cause accidents.

Nitrous Oxide

Any Hollywood movie which features cars will surely have a picture of a blue or green tank with the word NOS on it. Nitrous Oxide Systems which are popularly known as NOS are some of the most commonly used modifications to improve the speed of the car. They can greatly boost the speed of the cars in a few seconds. As they have been popularized by movies, most people love to have them in their cars. However, installing NOS in your vehicle has been listed under Unlawful Vehicle Modifications in most of the states. This is because most of the vehicles are designed only to reach a certain maximum speed. Using NOS helps the vehicle bypass the speed limit set by an automobile manufacturer and this can be dangerous not only for the vehicle using it but also for the other vehicles on the road. With such higher speeds, people can easily lose control of their vehicle that may lead to fatal accidents.


Most people love to add a black tint on all the glasses of the vehicle including the windshield. There are car modifiers who add tints to enhance the visual appearance of the vehicle. Apart from enhancing the visual appearance, some tints also provide better cooling effect inside the vehicle. This is most commonly preferred in places where the summer temperatures are too high. Although they have certain advantages, most of the tints pose safety hazards during bad weather as they affect the visibility of the driver. Tinting the windows up to a certain level is allowed in certain states. However, tints on the windshield even to a very low level can get you ticketed as these Windshield tints reduce the visibility range of the driver during nights. This can cause a lot of accidents and hence they are classified as illegal in most of the states.


There are lots of car accessories people used to modify their cars. Some of them may be too risky for your life. In order to avoid accidents, try to avoid the list of car accessories we’ve mentioned above.


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