Types of Packing Material You Need While Moving

packing material for moving

What Should You Know About Packing Materials?

Are you moving house soon? If the answer is “YES” this article might be very helpful for you. Before you make a big move you should exactly take care of all your prized possessions. There are two ways how you can do it. You can hire a full-service removal company which will make all the work instead of you so that you won’t worry about all the packing things. By the way, a good decision is to invite your friends to help you and hold something like a farewell party.

What is the most needed Packing Material?

There is the list of packing materials you just have to have when wrapping up your properties on your own:

  • Cardboard boxes

They are considered to be the most important among the packing materials as they are of different sizes and shapes, thus they are vital as well as comfy to move any item with ease. In addition, it is one of the cheapest materials which you can even get for free. Keep in mind, that when you buy boxes for moving, do not forget to ask the consultant to choose one with the correct marking on containers, including wardrobe boxes, dish boxes, artwork and mirror boxes.

There is a common rule that to pack up one room you simply need 5-7 large containers, 8-10 medium-sized ones, and 10-12 small boxes.

  • Wrapping material

It is another classic packing material for moving that is used to make sure the things inside boxes will be safely transported during the move. For this purpose people use different stuff such as packing paper, moving blankets and bubble or plastic wrap.

Also, this material is better to protect large valuables and fragile items such as glass, crystal chandeliers, full-length mirrors and oversized picture frames. You can just wrap these things with one of this material, rather than putting them in boxes.

  • Packing foam

This is the right protective packaging solution for such breakable items as ceramic or glass, that is available to fill up any empty spaces in your container. The main advantage of this material is that it is easy to install and can be used even in humid environments, providing soft and cushioning protection.

  • Household items

If you don’t want to spend additional money and want to save your time, it will really be the best decision for you. During the moving prosses, you just need to take a look around your own home and see if there are items you can use during the packing process.

What Packing Materials Do you Have at Home?

Keep in mind, safe and successful relocation depends on the way you have packed as well as the materials you have used to wrap your goods inside boxes. You know that high-quality packing supplies can be very expensive and what is more, they are highly harmful to the environment.

So let’s figure out what packaging materials you already own. There is a list of the most widely used packing stuff that is frequently used instead of boxes:

  • Bags

Thanks to a great variety, bags are also useful while moving house. There is at least the type of bags which can be very helpful for you. The first and the easiest one to get is a trash bag. The clean trash bag, of course. It is used almost to pack clothes. But what you really should remember is that not all types of clothes can be transported in it. There are such pieces of clothes that need to be vacuumed. For this, we are offered vacuum bags. And the third type of bags is sealable Ziploc bags. They are used for the smallest things, like jewelry.

By the way, some people tend to use egg cartons for such things. You might not take it seriously, but if you think about it, you’ll realize that it’s even more environmentally friendly product to use.

  • Buckets

For sure, buckets are in every home, and, undoubtedly, you will take them with yourself while moving to a new home. So, if you do take them with yourself, you should know that they may be a good container for liquid cleaning products, bathroom or others items that might leak.

  • Laundry baskets or hampers

They can contain a lot of things inside them and their main advantage is that they can be closed. This will prevent your goods from missing while transporting. You can put there anything you want from linens to clothes and others.

  • Suitcases

Many people pack their clothes inside and it seems to be the only one right decision. But there are some people who said that suitcases are best to transport heavier and bigger things. But before you put there something really heavier you need to check whether your suitcase can withstand such weight or not.

And now, after we’ve found what to choose instead of boxes, let’s find household alternatives of the wrapping and cushioning materials. This is the list of some of them:

  • Towels & Linens

People use them instead of bubble wrap to prevent the goods from damages or breakages. Do you know that heavy blankets are great to pad your big screen TV or computer? Yes, they do it great. In their turn, sheets are used as a wrapper for almost anything. Especially good they are to keep wooden furniture from denting.

  • Newspapers

It is actually not the best packing material, but it is cheap and has lots of advantages. It may be even free for you if use an office paper waste. Crumpled newsprint can be used to fill boxes to prevent items from contact between them which will minimize their damaging.


So, be sure that now you know almost everything to be ready to start moving all your household goods from one house to another. Good luck!