White Heart Emoji Symbol – Meaning and Use

White Heart Emoji Symbol – Meaning and Use

Nowadays there are many symbols available on different social networks. Each of them is unique and carries special meaning. They are designed to express people’s emotions without any word. They can tell how or what we feel, what we like and dislike.

In this blog post, we are telling about the white heart symbol, white heart emoji meaning and its use. Take a cup of coffee and some biscuits, sit down on the comfortable sofa or armchair and read this fascinating article. Here you will find the information you did not know before. So, let us start our story.

History of Emojis

It is clear that humanity has been using symbols as a means of communication for millennia (let us recall drawings in caves or encrypted messages). The need to convey information to a person who is not nearby is an ancient and incredibly relevant phenomenon.

Ancient people used ideograms and pictograms for communication. Later, pictograms, as well as ideograms, later turned into letters. With the advent of emoji, we seem to be returning to the transmission of text through images.

Why Do We Use Emoji?

Emoji are small icons that we use in text messages, descriptions under our photos (in social media) and emails. They are frequently used as they can add more colors to our text make it more understanding and help us express our feelings without words. A single picture is worth a hundred words.

Although emojis are not labeled, their meaning is quite clear. That is why every symbol has its meaning and brings a special kind of message to add more clarity to our communication.

What are the Benefits of Using Emoji?

Undoubtedly, emojis can be used in a wide number of different ways. They have a number of benefits:

  • Emojis can lighten the mood by  introducing sadness, sarcasm, happiness or humor 
  • Emojis are the best way to soften a blow
  • Emojis are a great way to express ourselves or our feelings
  • Emojis help us to say what we want to when the words fail us
  • Emojis help to keep message more personal
  • Emojis encourage engagement
  • Emojis can let you look minimalist
  • Emojis can genuinely make you smile
  • Emojis do not take a lot of space
  • Emojis can make you appear more friendly and competent
  • Emojis are a great way to answer when we have no time for texting

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Emojis?

Although emojis make our lives easier and add colors to our life, they have also some disadvantages.

  • Emojis may look unprofessional
  • Emojis have to render problems
  • Emojis can be overused
  • Emotions can make you sad or angry

Should Your Email Have Emojis?

What do you feel when you see emoji in your email? Does it make you feel relaxed and more comfortable?

Emojis are a great way to plain flat text. Emojis are not only used to express feelings and emotions for something or somebody but also to pick up a hot topic in email marketing. Some brands adore using emojis when the other ones do not like them and consider them as unprofessional.

What Does The White Heart Emoji Mean?

Whiteheart symbol is a colored white heart. It is one of the hundreds of symbols available for you to use. Whiteheart is used to express love or show sympathy for something or someone. This sign is also used to express a craving for some white chocolate (especially when combined with ‘chocolate bar’ emoji).  This symbol is combined with the other love-expressing symbols to add more emotions and feelings to the text message.

If you think this symbol means only love and sympathy, you are mistaken. White heart emoji is a sign of crystal clearness, innocence and kindness too.

If you have a person you love, appreciate or respect, send him this symbol as a sign of care and devotion. Send this heart to those for who your heart stays always open, to those for whom you are always ready to come to the rescue without waiting for something in return.

When to Use the White Heart Emoji Instead Of the Regular Heart Emoji?

You can use white heart emoji anywhere you want to! Seriously! There is no difference between using the heart emoji white and the regular heart emoji symbol because both of them have the same meaning – love. It is only a stylistically different version of the classic heart emoji. Some people prefer white heart symbols when it better matches their photos to write some text under them (especially on Facebook and Instagram).

Whom Can You Send White Heart Symbol?

We mentioned above that any heart symbol is a sign of love, sympathy, and crystal clear. However, in comparison with a red heart symbol, the white heart has a simpler, less aggressive meaning. Whiteheart symbol is addressed to people you would like to say “awww” thereby expressing your sympathy to the addresser. It is also used to symbolize a kind of ‘pure’ love, as, for example, the loving parent can feel for their children, the love that cannot be broken or destroyed.

Emojis are a new era. Emojis are the language many countries speak. They can tell more than words. A simple symbol can make us smile or in contrast, make us sad, disappointed and broken. White heart emoji is one of the most famous symbols in social media. It has many meanings, but all of them are synonyms to love and sympathy.


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